Mindy Fried

Sociologist ~ Author ~ Teacher ~ Speaker

I love to write, something that is in my bones, probably inherited from my father, who was a playwright. Check out my latest book, Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir (Vanderbilt University Press, 2016). And I encourage you to pre-order it on

I am an “Applied Sociologist”. My passion is to bring sociological theory and research methods out of the academy and into the world, where I conduct research and do strategic planning aimed at strengthening programs in nonprofit organizations, foundations, universities and more. My areas of expertise include work and family policies, education, the arts, grassroots initiatives, leadership development, and more.

I am committed to using the arts as a mechanism of expression and social change. As a former dancer, I have found a number of ways to stay connected to the arts, including through my research for arts-based organizations, but more recently through producing music and arts festivals through Hoopla Productions.