Welcome to The Shape of Care, a dynamic new podcast that explores the world of caregiving through storytelling and information-sharing. We will be launching the podcast in October, 2019! So stay tuned!

Please note that this is an interim website for The Shape of Care. The “real thing” will go live in September!

Here’s an update on our progress!


We now have FINAL MIXES for 5 episodes of The Shape of Care! For the 6th episode, elder care expert, Karen Wasserman and I will respond to listeners’ questions and comments (via call-in and email). I can’t wait to share this podcast series with you in October!

I’m now looking for a cool venue for our launch event in the Boston area that can accommodate around 100 people, has a great sound system, and is accessible by public transportation. If you’re in the Boston area, stay tuned regarding the date and location, and I hope you can join us!

  •  I’m very excited about our expert PRODUCTION TEAM!

Helen Barrington, Executive Producer, coordinates and oversees the editorial arc of the project, and directs the mixing of the episodes. That includes pre-production work, like editing the narration (and selecting the best ones), and “cutting” the sections of interviews I’ve recorded.

James Donahue, a Grammy-nominated broadcast and recording engineer and Berklee College of Music Professor, has worked with Helen to put all of the elements together, including music, into the “mix” at Whiskey Late Productions in West Roxbury, MA.

Alex Birch, Assistant Producer, has worked with me on field recording, coached me in the studio, and generally shared her  podcast wisdom. Alex is also Senior Manager at the PRX Podcast Garage.

  •  Guests and more!

I’ve done 10 studio interviews with guests who speak from the heart and share important and useful information about caregiving, based on their vantage points as caregivers, care workers, program innovators and activists. And I’ve had informal recorded conversations with a few others during field recording.

Our theme music is Break Out, written by Josh Rosen, and performed by Josh on piano, and Stan Strickland on sax and percussion!

  •  WEBSITE and more!

Our “official website” will be launched in September.  We have a gorgeous logo, designed by Sarah Wasko.  The website will feature each of the episodes with additional information, including photos and bios of all the guests!  Blog posts that take you behind the scenes!  And caregiving resources!

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Thanks for your support!  And stay tuned!

WAIT! There’s more!  Here’s a little back story about why I wanted to create a pocast about caregiving…

As you know, there are millions of people caring for family members, and there are millions of workers providing paid caregiving to elders. Despite the importance of this work, it’s largely invisible – and many people providing care feel isolated and unsupported.  In creating this podcast, my aim is to create platform for a “caregiving conversation”, hopefully one that will help people feel less alone.

A year ago, I knew I wanted to start a podcast about caregiving, but I knew nothing about how to do that. I’m thrilled to say that I now know a ton more about audio production, how to WRITE scripts for the ear, how to READ scripts for the ear, how to market a podcast, and more. My passion for creating The Shape of Care has only grown.

“The Shape of Care” (formerly “Who Cares?”) in the Media!

March 1, 2018 – Interview with Chris Lovett about “Who Cares?” on Neighborhood Network News

March 2, 2018 – Interview with David Ertischek about “Who Cares?” in the Jamaica Plain News

Q: Now you’re creating a podcast called “Who Cares?” How will the podcast relate to the book?

Fried: Good question! As I spoke with people about their caregiving experiences, I discovered the universality of many of the issues I was dealing with – the challenges of being a “parent” to one’s parent, coordinating care with siblings, and making decisions about whether and/or when to put a loved one into an institution when you’re not able to provide adequate care. “Caring for Red” is my personal story, but there are many stories out there. The podcast will provide a platform for people to share their stories. Also, after all that travel, I’m pretty excited about turning to the power of audio – and broadening the conversation to anyone with access to the internet!


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